1. minasavenue:

still no name D:


    still no name D:

  2. Another Closing Statement for 2013

    *speaks to the deserted wilderness*

    This blog is pretty much permanently closed - until I get a new, better, stronger, laptop. Which probably won’t be like, until next year or several years indefinitely.

    But I don’t want to delete this one because I’ve come so far on it, have so many saved tags, and somehow I still managed to keep followers even though I haven’t posted in decades. I just don’t want to start over.

    The thing is I got a used laptop, but 1. It’s Intel Graphics. 2. It’s 2GB Ram. 3. Anything else that could have aided me graphics wise does not exist.

    The game runs alright, but the way *I* play -> I can’t have anything on low because I just REALLY hate low setting. For this laptop, I put it at medium or “low medium”. I also can’t play without custom content/mods. And I’ve found it near-crippling to play without additional expansions. Unlike my old laptop, I can’t “Push” this laptop to take all of that just to satisfy me. I wasn’t even motivated to try. So even though I have the game playable, with University Life and a couple mods, it’s just not enticing to me.

    So I don’t think I’ll be playing Sims 3 anymore. For now. (A very long now)

    Anyway~ If anyone out there is actually reading this just want to wish you a Happy Holidays! 

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  3. shockshame:

    My textures and control. Some of them also have small alpha edits.
    With custom thumbnails and disabled for random.
    Credits: Butterflysims, Newsea, and Anubis.

    Raon 008 will conflict with Anubis’ retexture because I used his fix. So please, install only one.
    Also bflysims 078 and 082 have terrible transparency issues that are already part of the meshes. And as per usual, they also have some lack of roots going on. I did what I could to fix them with the control.

    Coolsims 101 [teen - elder]
    MEDIAFIRE | DROPBOX | 4SHARED (.package)
    Butterflysims 078 [toddler-adult]
    MEDIAFIRE | DROPBOX | 4SHARED (.package)
    Butterflysims 082 [teen-adult]
    MEDIAFIRE | DROPBOX | 4SHARED (.package)
    Butterflysims 076 [toddler-adult]
    MEDIAFIRE | DROPBOX | 4SHARED (.package)
    Raon 008 - Anubis fix [teen-adult]
    MEDIAFIRE | DROPBOX | 4SHARED (.package)
    Newsea J149 Unchained [unisex child-elder]
    MEDIAFIRE | DROPBOX | 4SHARED (.package)

  4. *pops up on simblr for couple seconds*

    Soon I shall return to you my love.

    Just realized that my desktop can play Sims 2. All teh purty sims I shall make.

    And then November, God willing, I shall have Sims 3.

    *evil snicker then fades into darkness*

  5. [Final?] Update

    Okay here’s the deal. I am on official hiatus. I’ve been afraid to log in on here for so long cause I didn’t want to announce that I’ll be leaving until I get a laptop (and all my games, assuming I am able to transfer stuff from my old hard drive).

    My parents are going abroad to my sister’s graduation in June. My dad will be back in a week but my mom will be staying until November. If they decide to take my sister’s old HP laptop (I need to ask her what specs today), then dad can bring that down when he comes back. However if mom decides to buy a new one, I won’t get that until November (that was an awfully depressing thought, an entire summer without the laptop, just me and this old desktop hanging on for dear life.)

     On one hand, I’d love to get the laptop in June and save my mother the trouble of spending money. But on the other hand, a new laptop would be, well, new and shiny, and I could get the specs that I want. It all depends on what my sister’s input is when we get in touch.

    Either way, I won’t be on the simblr community for months. This is fucked up.

    Despite that, I don’t think I have enough thanks to give for your support in following me and amusing me with all your posts. ;A;

    I have one final request. If we have to buy a new laptop, could you guys suggest a good one?

    I’m looking for something that won’t explode from Sims 3 and other games (just overall great graphics), but also under $600. Help, please and thanks?

  6. simminglystrange:

Is genderswapping sims my new favourite thing? I think so.


    Is genderswapping sims my new favourite thing? I think so.

  7. noviebird:

More Meredith. 


    More Meredith. 

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